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Summer Schedule

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

TGIS! Thank goodness it's Summer! When the days are longer, the vibe is lighter, and the sun is brighter. Summer is my personal favorite season and it's the perfect opportunity to work on your technique because the body is more receptive to training in the summer - less warm up is required, your muscles are loose, and the increased amount of Vitamin D - the "sunshine vitamin" - enhances cognitive brain function, which primes the brain for learning.

I will be offering Private Lessons (in person and online) and Semi-Private Lessons (in person) ALL SUMMER LONG! Please visit the Book Now tab at the top of the website to request a private or semi-private lesson or to book the Saturday Open level ballet class.

If you don't see a time or day that accommodates your schedule, please reach out to me directly at to discuss alternative arrangements!

Current Summer Schedule as of 6/22 (subject to change):

Private & Semi-Private Lessons - In Person

Monday 11am-5pm

Wednesday 11am-5pm

Friday 11am-5pm

Private Lessons - Zoom

Monday 4pm-7pm

Wednesday 4pm-7pm

Looking forward to working with you this summer!


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