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Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jess from The Whole Dancer to speak about finding balance. The Whole Dancer's mission is to help facilitate finding dance/life balance in order to live a more full and fulfilling life. Please watch, subscribe, comment, and share!

Here's what Jess said about moi....

Hilary Nicolai's energy is infectious. She has a very positive light about her and I knew she'd have some helpful insights into what balance in professional dance and dance training might look like.

From "I’ve taken everything I have learned over the years as a professional dancer and certified teacher and combined it into a method that is friendly, approachable and effective - the results speak for themselves." Friendly, approachable, and effective are definitely tenets of quality dance education to support healthy dancers.

The Whole Dancer - Providing health, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching for high level dancers. Visit for more information.

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